Sarah Leavitt Chamberlain


Sarah Chamberlain LeavittSarah was born February 21, 1836 in Compton, Quebec. At age 23 Sarah married her cousin, James Adams Chamberlain in February 1859. This was 6 months after her mother had died. It is believed that Lucy Rowell Leavitt and family stayed for awhile with the Chamberlains after they left Cambria in 1854, and on their way west.


James' mother was Rebecca Leavitt, a sister to Sarah's father John Leavitt. James' father, Franklin Chamberlain, had led the Leavitt family wagon train out of Canada. His family had settled in Twelve Mile Grove, Illinois in 1837, and then moved to Black Oak (Now Oak Lawn), which is near Chicago, in 1845. Franklin never joined the church. But they had three children who married Leavitt cousins, including James who married Sarah.


Sarah's third child, James Franklin Chamberlain, was born in Centerville, Utah in 1867. She was baptized at that time, and James blessed. She was living in Illinois at the birth of her next child, in 1870.


Sarah and James stayed with the Rebecca and Franklin Chamberlain family at Oak Lawn at least through 1880. When Franklin died about 1881, Rebecca moved to Utah to be with her daughter Marietta Chamberlain Adams. Sarah's family appears to have emigrated to Pasadena, CA around 1894. They lived at 377 North Los Robles in Pasadena.


Sarah's date of death was April 2, 1916. James Died December 1924. Both Sarah and James are buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, CA.


Sarah Chamberlain Leavitt Age 14Sarah Chamberlain and Daughter Lucy




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