Philander Brown


Philander BrownPhilander Brown was born Abt. 1825 in Hatley Staustead, Quebec, Canada. Philander Brown’s first wife, Orilla Leavitt, couldn’t have children, so she told her husband to marry again.  She picked out Elizabeth Dobney Short for him and they were married in February, 1864. In October, 1865, he was asked to go to the Muddy Mission.  In November he took his first wife and went to investigate.  They settled in St .Joseph and stayed there a year.  Then he went back for the other family, selling the house and going back to St. Joseph to find the town moved to a different location.  The house he had in the old location was useless, so they lied in wagons and tents until houses could be built.  The night the house was finished Elizabeth sewed the carpet together and helped tack it down.  Early the next morning, Mary 13, 1873, a son, Charles, was born.  Eight days later Brigham Young and company made a visit to the country and they camped around their house.  On account of this company, she got up out of bed.  When Brigham Young found her sitting in a chair he inquired how old the baby was.  When she told him eight days, he immediately took upon himself a doctor’s authority and ordered her back to bed.  There she stayed until his party left.  On her request Brigham Young blessed the baby and named him. Brigham Young and his wife, Amelia, had slept in their house.

In January, 1871, they were told they could leave, so they took their stuff to St. George as they expected the Nevada Officials to come and take away their teams and wagons for back taxes which had been paid to Utah.  However, they got away with everything.  The mission was finished on the Muddy.



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