Orilla Leavitt Brown


Orilla Leavitt BrownOrilla Leavitt was born in Compton, Quebec on February 10, 1829. She married Philander Brown, a former neighbor from Ohio that had also moved to Michigan, on October 13, 1848. She was 19 years old at the time. She was baptized May 1856. Their one child, Horace Brown, born July 23, 1849, lived 2 weeks. She evidently decided she could have no more children and picked out a second wife for Pilander, Elizabeth Dobney (Curtis)( Short). On February 6, 1864 he married Elizabeth and Elizabeth bore 11 children. In november 1965 Orilla moved with her husband to St. Joseph in the Muddy River Mission. In February 1871 they left the Muddy and eventually settled in Provo, where she died on April 20, 1896 at age 67.






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