Lyman Utley Leavitt


Lyman Utley LeavittLyman Leavitt was born May 24, 1831, Compton, Lower Canada.  At the age of 26 he married Ellen Adell Brown.  Lyman is the Seventh Generation of Leavitts, Starting with John Deacon Leavitt, who was the first Leavitt to come to the New World. They moved from Canada to Michigan where they lived six years.  Two children were born to them here.

Leaving Michigan June 1, 1862 they went to Black Oak, Illinois.  They left May 12, 1863 for Utah, and arrived at Centerville, Davis Co., Utah July 26, 1864.  They remained in Centerville for 4 years. 

They were called to settle the Muddy--arriving at Long Valley April 1, 1871.  In August 26, 1873 they left Long Valley and went on to Kanosh, Utah.  Here they settled down to a life of farming. 

The raising of bees occupied a great deal of his time.  He also operated the first molasses mill in Kanosh.  He and Abram Kimball owned and operated the first threshing machine in Kanosh.
To his first marriage the following children were born:  James Elbert, Deborah Florence, Charles Alvin, Two Baby Girls (twins died at birth), Lyman Elroy, Ellen Adell.

As polygamy was being practiced he married Analiza Hakes December 27, 1875.  They lived in Kanosh 9 years after his second marriage, then moved to Mesa, Arizona in 1882.  From there he was called to Pine, Arizona in 1899 to be bishop of the ward.  To this union was born eleven children: Mabel Claire, Avis Laverne, John Rowe, Lucinda Helen, Lyman Hakes, Lucy Pearl, George Wilford, Clarence Edgar, Joseph Collins, Francis Harris and Arthur Floyd.  




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