Flavilla Leavitt Adams


Flavilla Leavitt AdamsFlavilla was born at Burton, Ohio on Arpil 8, 1842. She was baptized on May 24, 1859. She apparently traveled with her brothers and sisters on the Franklin Independent Company to Utah in 1860. She married her cousin John Adams on April 20, 1862 after she arrived in Utah. John's mother was Betsey, sister to Flavilla's father John Leavitt.


Flavilla died less than a year after she married, on March 20, 1863. She had given birth to twins a month earlier, on February 22, 1863. The twin daughter Orilla died about a month after her mother on April 15, 1863. The other twin, named Flavilla Leavitt Adams, lived to a very old age.





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