Charlotte Lane Leavitt



Charlotte Lane LeavittCharlotte Lane Leavitt was the daughter of Levi L. Lane and Polly Benedict Lane, She was born in New York on the 29 June 1829, in a little log cabin located in the forest lands of the state. Two years later the family moved to Ohio. Later her father moved to Michigan where she spent her girlhood days and was married to Josiah Leavitt on 25 December 1851.


She parted with her Mother, two brothers and three sisters, and started with her husband to make her home in the far west, arriving in Ogden, Utah, in 1860. Two years after arriving in Ogden, she joined the Mormon Church, remaining a staunch and faithful member to the day of her death, which occurred on 13 February 1916.


She carded the bats, spun the yarn and made her husband his first suit of clothes he had in Utah. She was a very ambitious woman. Her life was devoted to service for others. She was the mother of three sons and three daughters. She was widowed at age 67.


After Josiah Leavitt died, Charlotte Lane Leavitt lived alone in a wooden house on Twenty-third Street and Monroe Avenue in Ogden, Utah. She kept busy making rugs which she sold to support herself. She kept house for herself as well as keeping a garden until she died at the age of eighty-seven. She always had a smile for every one she met and was truly a wonderful “pioneer”.


From a history by Lura L. Chambers Wright 5/27/1965



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